Thursday, May 21, 2020

National Honor Society Recognizes the Class of 2022 Members

The National Honor Society would like to honor our members this year with recognition of their accomplishments. 
Here are our Class of 2022 members. 

Monique Alexander, daughter of Lynn and James Alexander of Buxton. Monique is involved in volunteering at the West Buxton Library. Monique also spends her time volunteering at Buxton Center Elementary School to help coach kids in soccer.
Emma Burnham, daughter of Jennifer and Todd Burnham of Limington. Emma is involved in Key Club and volunteering with Youth League. Emma also spends her time volunteering with young travel softball teams helping them become better players.
Meaghan Champagne, daughter of Kelley and Mark Champagne of Standish. Meaghan is involved in Class Officers, Key Club, and Student Council. Meaghan also helps out with multiple Standish PTO events each year, including the Holiday Extravaganza and the Father-Daughter dance.
Delanie Daigle, daughter of Paul and Renee Daigle of Buxton. Delanie is involved in Student Council and volunteers at a local church. Delanie has also volunteered at the Ronald McDonald House in Portland where she has cooked a meal for families who have a loved one in the hospital and need a place to stay.
Jack Deptula son of Rosalind and Stefan Deptula of Standish. Jack is involved in Boy Scouts and National Honors Society.
Elizabeth Forestiere, daughter of Anthony and Wendi Forestiere of Buxton. Elizabeth is involved in Class Officers and Student Council. Elizabeth also volunteers at Partners For World Health where she helps sort and package medical supplies for countries in need.
Michael Gervais, son of Eugene and Shannon Gervais of Buxton. Michael is involved in Key Club as its Secretary and Natural Helpers. Michael also focuses his time on helping with basic landscaping year-round for the elderly in his neighborhood.
Shayla Harriman, daughter of Scott and Janet Harriman from Standish. Shayla is actively involved in her community with being a 3 sport athlete and working her hardest to help her teams excel. She also co-runs the charity organization Semi Styles which provides gently used semi-formal dresses for no cost to girls at the middle school level.
Allison Hegarty, daughter of Frank and Debbie Hegarty of Buxton. Allison is actively involved in Key Club and in tutoring her peers.
Tanis Hartery, son of Brian Hartery and Kara Patenaude. Tanis is involved with the Garden club at the middle school helping the 6-8th graders more about gardening. He also volunteers his time at a local horse barn in Arundel.
Delaney Hesler, daughter of T.J and Christine Hesler of Steep Falls. Delaney is a member of Key Club and spends her time volunteering at a kindergarten jumpstart program at Windham Primary School. She and a peer also started a program called Semi Styles, which donates gently used dresses to girls who cannot afford to buy them for the 7th and 8th grade end of the year dance.
Thomas Horton, son of Tim and Kelly Horton of Standish. Thomas is involved in Bonny Eagle Football and Lacrosse youth clinics and the spring Special Olympics meet. Thomas has also donated time to Furniture Friends of Greater Portland.
Emily Jackson, daughter of Andy and Robyn Jackson of Limington. Emily is involved in Key Club and likes to donate food and clothes to those in need, help clean up around our community and enjoys working with kids who may need extra help.
Kylie Johnson, daughter of Jennifer Aguilera and Jeremy Johnson of Hollis. Kylie is involved in multiple sports such as indoor and outdoor track as well as volleyball.  Kylie is an active volunteer in the community of the Rock Church of Greater Portland (TRC). Sharing her faith and serving others is a key component to Kylie's core values.
Summer Knight, daughter of Heath and DeeDee Knight of Buxton. Summer is involved in Key Club and is an officer as well. Summer also does different community service opportunities around the community.
Zachariah Oja, son of Dara and Bryant Oja of Standish. Zachariah Is involved with Maine Mayhem women’s football team,helping coach and film and being involved in helping the youth clinic in football run drills.
Emmaline Pendleton, daughter of Todd and Heather Pendleton of Buxton. Emmaline is involved with Class Officers as well as her church and cross country/track. She volunteers to help with middle school track meets as well as volunteering at Maine Medical Center and every Sunday with her church.
Kaitlyn Regan, daughter of Charlotte and Scott of Limington. Kaitlyn is involved in the Lady Scots volleyball and basketball programs. Kaitlyn also volunteers at Steep Fall Elementary and puts time into helping young athletes develop their game.
Courtney Rollins, daughter of Carl Nelsen and Lisa Rollins of Limington. Courtney is involved in the soup kitchen and the lions club in Hollis. Courtney also spends her time at the food pantry in Standish.
Elise Ruona, daughter of Jana Ruona of Standish. Elise is involved with the Ronald McDonald house and the Select Choir at Bonny Eagle, as well as hoping to start getting involved with the Humane Society.
Hailey Ryan, daughter of David Heward and Melissa Proper. Hailey is involved in 4-H and has been a member for the past 9 years. She spends a lot of her time helping younger kids involved in 4-H, as well as volunteering at the Preble Street food kitchen in downtown Portland.
Gabby Sawyer, daughter of Dave Sawyer and Jen Demers of Standish. Gabby is involved in Key Club. Gabby also spends her time volunteering with the Standish PTO events, Standish Little League or volunteering to work the snack shacks at Bonny Eagle Soccer Club games.
Zoe Schmaling, daughter of Amber and Christopher Schmaling of Standish. Zoe is involved in the Junior Volunteer program at Maine medical center and is a volunteer for the middle school track team. 
Chloe Smith, daughter of Stephanie and Peter Smith of Standish. Chloe is involved in Select Chorus and Cheering. Chloe also spends her time volunteering at Maine Medical Center.
Hannah Stevens, daughter of Chris and Tresa Stevens of Buxton. Hannah is involved in Key Club and volunteering at the local food pantry. Hannah also spends her time helping out at middle school cross country meets and track practices.
Annelyse Warner, daughter of Dennis and Jennifer Warner of Buxton. Annelyse is involved with class officers, Key Club and Student Council. Annelyse spends her time volunteering at different sporting events and loves coaching younger children.
Cadence Whitehouse, daughter of Joe and Shannon Whitehouse of Buxton. Cadence is involved in Key Club, Unified Basketball and Volleyball. Cadence also spends her time doing various volunteer opportunities around the community.
Rachele Zheng, daughter of Steve Zheng of Buxton. Rachele is involved as  the  Vice President of Key Club and helps out at her uncle's business.
Timothy Zidle, son of Joe and Chrissy Zidle of Standish. Timothy is involved in the teaching of martial arts and soccer in the community.

Friday, May 15, 2020

Bonny Eagle Scholars 2020!!

Bonny Eagle Scholars 2020!!

Bonny Eagle High School is exciting to announce their Bonny Eagle Scholars for the school year 2020.  We have moved to Latin honors this year, so our Summa Cum Laude Scholars are students with a cumulative GPA over 3.9, Magna Cum Laude Scholars maintain a GPA over 3.7 and Cum Laude Scholars have maintained at 3.3 or above. All of these students will receive a signifying set gold cords at graduation. 

Though we can’t have breakfast together today, we can virtually celebrate these students. Please take a moment to visit our celebration website where we share the accomplishments and teacher sentiments of our Summa and Magna Cum Laude students. You can also see our amazing list of Cum Laude Scholars. 

Congratulations 2020! You Rock

Friday, May 8, 2020

Senior Exit Form

BEHS 2020 Senior Exit Form

Required for ALL seniors to fill out before graduation, where you are going to college, entering the workforce or joining the military.
  1. This form is used by Students Services for  sending your final transcript to the college/univ.  you will be  attending the fall of 2020
  2.   Transcripts requested by colleges/univ's by July 1st
  3.   Updating of next years 2021 BEHS school profile to send to colleges
Please fill out this form by  June 1st.

Monday, April 27, 2020

Grading Plan & Newsletter

Good Morning and welcome back from staycation!! 

Please take a moment to review Bonny Eagle High School's grading plan for the rest of the school year and our newsletter.

Thank you and BE well. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Scholarship Deadline Extended Until Next Monday, April 27th

ATTN SENIORS: The SCHOLARSHIP application deadline has been extended!! Have YOU applied for the LOCAL scholarships? Over 60 donors offer scholarships through this simple application. To date only 74 seniors have applied. That is crazy for FREE money towards your future. Don't miss this chance to apply... now until next Monday, April 27th!!

  • Local scholarship application has been extended for applying through April 27th.  When you fill out the application you will have applied for over 60 local scholarships that are available for the class of 2020.
  • Also available on the Student Services Website, in Naviance and will be resent out to your student BEHS and Synergy email.
  • If you need a scholarship recommendation, you can request by emailing your counselor or teacher(s).  Please include the name of the scholarship, scholarship deadline, and to whom or where to send.
  • Check your Naviance account, link:  Send your counselor an email if you need documents sent to a college/university.
  • Student Services is in the process of setting up a link listings page for Seniors for colleges and universities.  Many colleges/universities are setting up websites for students who will be attending in the fall 2020.

More questions... feel free to contact Mrs. Staples in Student Services, who is working this week!

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Jackie Robinson Day

Did you know today is Jackie Robinson Day?

Jackie Robinson Day - 2020

Major League Baseball has a program guide for celebrating Jackie Robinson.  Here’s why:
  • April 15, 1947:  Jackie Robinson’s debut in Major League baseball broke the color barrier.
  • Jackie Robinson joined Martin Luther King Jr as honorary chairman for Youth March for Integrated Schools in early 1958.

Quotes:  "There's not an American in this country free until every one of us is free."
               “A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.”
 “Life is not a spectator sport. If you’re going to spend your whole life in the grandstand just watching what goes on, in my opinion you’re wasting your life.”

Find out more at these websites:

This message was brought to by the BEHS Civil Rights Team.

Monday, April 13, 2020

It's Virtual Spring Spirit Week!!

Virtual Spring Spirit Week

The Student Council is celebrating with a Virtual Spring Spirit Week this week!  Traditionally we have a spirit week before our April break so we are continuing the tradition, but doing it a little differently this year.  

Listed below are the themes for the days, our hashtag, and social media accounts.  Please take a picture of yourself doing something with the theme of the day and post it on one of our accounts, use our hashtag, or send it to one of the emails listed below.  Please join us in the fun and we will share your photos in a video or two.

Have fun,
Ms. Cyr

Monday - "Coronacation"/Beach Day – how are you spending your “corona vacation”
Tuesday – Extracurricular Activities and Hobbies Day - wear your team or club shirt and show us your favorite hobby
Wednesday – Whatch Cookin’ Day - take pictures of what you are cooking
Thursday – USA Day – wear red, white, and blue
Friday – Green and White Day


Student Council’s Social Media –
Instagram – behs.studentcouncil
Twitter - @bonnyeagleSC
FaceBook – Behsstudent Council

You can also send photos to: